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Community Information

Opened in September 2006, the current community centre building is the third generation community centre in Ratoath.


St Olivers Community Centre CLG is a not-for-profit community organisation. It is a registered charity and has as its core objectives the advancement of the arts, heritage, education, culture and community welfare as well as greater community participation in sport and physical activity. SOCC is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors and managed by a Chief Executive and employs over 20 people as well as indirectly providing main employment to over 40 additional people in class and service providers.


St Olivers Community Centre CLG

  • Established: 2005

  • Co Reg No.: 387834

  • CHY No.: 15734

  • VAT No.: 6407834V

  • Registered Charity No   20055035

SOCC is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors


   Board Members:            

  • Anne Scott, Chairperson

  • Jillian O'Sullivan

  • Ursula Ryan

  • Susan O'Kane

  • Brian Healy

  • Ray Hoare

  • Laura Murphy (Company Secretary)



The Board of Directors agreed in 2019 to adopt the Governance Code as recommended by The Charities Regulator.


The Members of the Company comprise Directors and other volunteers who have been admitted to Membership. Currently there are up to 20 Members and we are always looking to increase this number. The Members meet for the Annual General Meeting and the 2023 AGM was held on September 21st 2023. To be admitted to Membership, it is expected that any proposed Member will have served in an unpaid voluntary capacity in a Ratoath based non-political organisation for a minimum period of 12 months and have their primary residence in the parish of Ratoath.


The intention is to have 30 Members who will be drawn from a representative cross-section of our community. If anyone wishes to put their name forward to be considered for admission to SOCC as a new Member, please email


Forward Plans


SOCC is a Type C CLG Organisation where the level and multiplicity of activities require that a separate paid management team is employed to run operations.



Laura Murphy    



Box office 01 689 5600


Mary Barron             


Maurice Doyle

ACCOUNTS                                 Evelina Kuzmina    


Annette Cosgrave 


Ken O'Shea


Mirka Maxova


Renate Koutanena


Our Board is very focused on putting in place solid building blocks for the further growth of SOCC given that the now town of Ratoath is projected to continue a high rate of expansion in the decade ahead. These building blocks include :

  • Growing the number of Members to gain a solid and representative cross section of our community and in increasing this pool of voluntary members to best identify future directors that can best provide continuity and skills to assist management in meeting the forward needs of this larger community

  • Preparing the organisation for future growth by having the best possible corporate governance in place

  • Assisting the Chief Executive when required and making plans for orderly succession

  • Introducing more formalised long term planning based on well structured community surveys and community consultation processes

  • Assisting management when required in securing the appropriate level of State support for the organisation’s activities, operations and plans.

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